KBP is developing an innovative pipeline of New Chemical Entities with known mechanisms of action in areas of unmet medical need in Organ Protection and Infectious Diseases.

KBP-5074 for CV disease/Hypertension in CKD patients – Initiating global Phase 2b in Q1 2018

KBP-7072 for multiple drug resistant infections – Finish Phase 1 – Ready for global Phase 2

KBP-7026 novel CRTH2 receptor antagonist targeting asthma/COPD – IND Approved & Ready for Phase 1

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• Fred Yang, PhD,CDO
• Daniel Wilson, PhD,SVP
• Vince Benn, PhD/MBA,VP
• Jay (Xu-Jie) Zhang, PhD,VP
• Linda Mooney, VP

• George Bakris, MD (US)
• John McMurray, MD (UK)
• Bertram Pitt, MD (US)
• Ricard Wunderink, MD (US)
• Faiez Zannad, MD (FR)

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KBP Biosciences Co., Ltd. attended the 2017 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference.

Careers Information updated on 27 July, 2017

Positive FDA Type B Meeting on KBP-5074

KBP-7072 obtained QIDP and Fast Track Designations

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