First Healthy Volunteer Received Single Dose KBP-7072

Jinan, China and Princeton, New Jersey, USA (May 5, 2015) KBP BioSciences, a clinical stage biotech company with operations in China, US, and Singapore, today announced that the first healthy volunteer had received first dose of KBP-7072.
KBP-7072 is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria in vitro. Bacteria resistance to antibiotics has been on the upward trend for decades. Government agencies such as WHO and CDC have been warning the world of potential devastation caused by “super bugs”. We need more and better antibiotics.
“This is a major milestone for KBP-7072.” Said Dr. Zhenhua Huang, President of KBP BioSciences. “This compound showed good efficacy in vitro. We hope to push forward human trials expeditiously.”