The US FDA approved KBP-5074 to enter clinical trial

Jinan, China and Princeton, New Jersey, USA (Feb 10, 2014) KBP BioSciences, a clinical stage biotech company with operations in China, US, and Singapore, today announced that the US FDA approved KBP-5074 to enter clinical trials for the potential treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD). This is KBP’s first clinical project in the US.
Roughly 20 million people suffer from CKD in the US alone. Many patients progress to dialysis and kidney transplant. Many patients succumb to the disease before organ transplant can occur. In animal studies KBP-5074 showed a very promising efficacy in combating CKD.
“CKD can destroy a patient and his family both physically and emotionally. It is a devastating condition.” Said Dr. Zhenhua Huang, President of KBP BioSciences. “There has not been an effective treatment for CKD. KBP-5074 has shown impressive effect in in vivo models. We will push this compound forward with our best efforts to help the patients and their loved ones.”
Phase I clinical trials of KBP-5074 will start soon. In November 2013, the IND application of KBP-5074 was accepted by CFDA for the same intended indication.