KBP Medicine Pipeline


KBP-5074:    Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist for CV disease, including uncontrolled hypertension in advanced chronic kidney disease

  • Highly selective, non-steroidal MR-specific antagonist
  • Favorable long-term safety profile
  • Completed Phase 1/2a trials and ready for global Phase 2b
  • Collaboration with FDA to expedite development


KBP-7072:    3G aminomethylcycline for drug resistant infections across multiple indication

  • Next gen tetracycline effective against multiple drug-resistant Gram-positive strains, including MRSA, PRSP, VRE
  • Strong antibacterial activity against gram negative bacteria including Acinetobacter (WHO priority pathogens, Priority 1/Critical)
  • Completed Phase 1 trial and ready for global Phase 2
  • FDA Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) and Fast Track Designations


KBP-7026:    Novel MOA (CRTH2  antagonist) targeting asthma/COPD and other inflammatory diseases

  • Highly selective Chemoattractant Receptor‐Homologous Molecule expressed on Th2 lymphocytes (CRTH2) antagonist
  • Specific PK profile and wide safety window
  • IND application has been approved by FDA and ready for Phase 1


KBP‐7909:    LpxC inhibitor for Gram negative bacterial infections especially P. aeruginosa (WHO priority pathogens, Priority 1/Critical)



KBP‐7018:    Tri‐kinase inhibitor (blocks PDGFR, RET, and c‐KIT at nM concentrations) targeting fibrotic disease, especially idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis



KBP‐7536:    Dual BTK/JAK3 inhibitor for inflammatory and myeloproliferative diseases